Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Species by the Thousands Water-Based Prints

Water-based prints for the label Species by the Thousands. We've printed for them before, by this one is by far our favorite design! These will be sewn up into pillows for your couch time, imagine cuddling up to the 70's guy.... awesome.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Cramps Tribute Tees - KCDC

These were printed up for the KCDC Halloween party this weekend in true cramps Halloween creep style. We had a scan of the original cramps tee and altered it from there to be reprinted adding in the KCDC logo and making it as close to a vintage version of the original as possible. Pick one up at the party!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We made it through Irene!

The shop made it through hurricane Irene! Whoo. We had about 4" of flooding, but nothing was damaged and nothing so serious we couldn't clean up in an afternoon. We're lucky Brooklyn didn't get hit as hard as the weather man thought. Our thoughts are with our friends and clients out in Vermont, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

First day back in the shop we printed these amazing prints designed by Jennifer Ditacchio for the Vintage Motorcycle Show, (Opening Day in Pennsylvania), titled the "Vincent International Rally 2011". Love 'em. Vincent Black Shadow? Hell Yes. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Homage Skate Shop Prints

To the left is a super rad print for the skateboard shop Homage, located in Brooklyn, NY. It's a four color plastisol print using the pale yellow as a base. Check out their website here, they do great summer skate camps for the kids!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Vintage Van Halen Print and a Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to share this Van Halen print we did before taking off for the Thanksgiving Day vacations. This print was for the Broadway musical "Rock of Ages", we went through a tough digitizing process, but it came out great. The shirt was first scanned into the computer, then color reduced to make it a 4 color (it was originally a 6 color print) with a blend and separated out to a bit-mapped image. Thanks to Jeff Fender for all the awesome Broadway projects! More photos to come soon of future projects.

To the left is our print. Below is the original scanned vintage Van Halen t-shirt. We look forward to any comments you might have!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blacklist and Boone's Farm!

So for anyone who has been checking out the Print Shop blog, sorry for not posting more regularly, it's been super hectic lately, but I wanted to make sure that we shared these new shirts we've worked on.

The first design is for Boone's Farm, we were psyched on this because it involved doing a cmyk print over a white base, super fun to print:
Also, last week we ran a job for the band Blacklist (check them out HERE), the first shirt is an oversized print in black discharge on army green, the results are pretty metal looking:

The next image for Blacklist is a halftoned image printed in metallic gold, also a pretty badass design that the kids will love:

Thanks for checking out the shops various projects, we'll be trying to post a lot more in the upcoming days and weeks, there seems to be a ton of events going on this year despite everything, and we're super stoked to have a chance to work with everyone, enjoy!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brooklyn Flea Photos

We shared with Josh, his merchandising is incomparable and without him there, besides being lost, we may have all gone a bit crazy.

But yea, the Brooklyn Flea was serious awesome and a lot was learned.... such as in 80 degree heat and sunshine, one needs a tent like everybody else, or else sunburns happen super fast. Also, the soy iced coffees from Elsa's are key.

Anyways, here are some photos of the adventure, she will be there every weekend unless it rains, her product came out rad and we're stoked on printing the fabric for the cut & sew in the coming weeks:

This is discharge with a black halftone plastisol overlay.

Part of the display.

and.... we spotted Mark from Tyrhombus Rex and Razor Tail in the Tyrhombus shirt we printed for him a while back, everyone's gotta love a little rainbow blend with ninja turtles.

Printed on Anvil Organic with a 6 color blended plastisol print and glow in the dark additive.