Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brooklyn Flea Photos

We shared with Josh, his merchandising is incomparable and without him there, besides being lost, we may have all gone a bit crazy.

But yea, the Brooklyn Flea was serious awesome and a lot was learned.... such as in 80 degree heat and sunshine, one needs a tent like everybody else, or else sunburns happen super fast. Also, the soy iced coffees from Elsa's are key.

Anyways, here are some photos of the adventure, she will be there every weekend unless it rains, her product came out rad and we're stoked on printing the fabric for the cut & sew in the coming weeks:

This is discharge with a black halftone plastisol overlay.

Part of the display.

and.... we spotted Mark from Tyrhombus Rex and Razor Tail in the Tyrhombus shirt we printed for him a while back, everyone's gotta love a little rainbow blend with ninja turtles.

Printed on Anvil Organic with a 6 color blended plastisol print and glow in the dark additive.

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  1. I'm a layout artist and I would like to say that the design printed on shirtis so cool.