Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blacklist and Boone's Farm!

So for anyone who has been checking out the Print Shop blog, sorry for not posting more regularly, it's been super hectic lately, but I wanted to make sure that we shared these new shirts we've worked on.

The first design is for Boone's Farm, we were psyched on this because it involved doing a cmyk print over a white base, super fun to print:
Also, last week we ran a job for the band Blacklist (check them out HERE), the first shirt is an oversized print in black discharge on army green, the results are pretty metal looking:

The next image for Blacklist is a halftoned image printed in metallic gold, also a pretty badass design that the kids will love:

Thanks for checking out the shops various projects, we'll be trying to post a lot more in the upcoming days and weeks, there seems to be a ton of events going on this year despite everything, and we're super stoked to have a chance to work with everyone, enjoy!

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