Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Screen Printing on Velvet!

Yesterday we printed on velvet, the garment was hand dyed and only two were made for the cast to wear in the broadway musical "Rock of Ages". Totally awesome, and we are seriously stoked on how they came out!

(two color print: gold glitter & pantone matched plastisol)


  1. Hi There over in Brooklyn, Thank you for sharing what you're doing. I really liked the 4 color process lime job. I do screen printing out in Thornton Colorado. I have a six color manuel press, I do all the art and seps myself.
    I also use a vinyl plotter to make magnetic signs, etc... By the way, you can get some really good film positives off of the vinyl cutter! It so happens I use to live in Ridgewood Queens many moons ago. Bushwick was a no-no. Had my bike stolen on Wyckoff and Myrtle when I was 12. Tender memories...Anyway,
    your site is fun to read and I look forward to seeing other jobs you did. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Billy

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