Friday, April 17, 2009

Laura Lou Designs for Brooklyn Flea

We did some pretty rad prints in the shop today, "Laura Lou" designs also came up with the "metal and class" concept which is a collaboration between the print shop and Laura's work, so we had a killer time experimenting with various techniques. Always a good idea to save the tough jobs for a Friday morning :)

This first one we printed black discharge on alternative apparel ocean washed tee's with a plastisol overlay:

The next one we printed in black discharge on white anvil fashion fit tee's, the whole bleed out effect was seriously fun to do, we nerded out on the awesomeness of these prints. (sorry if it's hard to see the detail)

The last is a 2 color print with a water-based underlay on the mushrooms and plastisol black on top, I just particularly loved the blend we achieved on the mushroom cloud image, super detailed and printed beautifully.

Laura Lou's designs will be premiering at the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Green the Sat. April 25th, check it out and we will be keeping you posted on what comes next.

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